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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Have you ever seen the Bud Light ad campaign called “Dude”? Basically, it’s a peek inside a guy’s world. But what is fascinating is that it’s a guy calling a guy when he’s doing something that is SO not cool. All he says is: “Dude!”

I was thinking about this concept and I think that we moms need something like this to call each other when we’re over the top or totally missing a mom moment. What do we call it? “Chick!” Or…”Mom!” Or, better yet - “Girl!”

Here’s a scenario: You’re in a grocery store and you’re standing in line like everyone else. There’s a mom next to you. She’s on the cell phone, talking incessantly. Her kids have completely lost it and she’s not noticing. They’re whining incessantly and bugging everyone around them. You look at her and say: “Girl!”

Or, you’re in Target and you see a mom with one of her kids. They do what every kid in the universe does – they ask for something they neither need nor deserve. The mom snaps. She starts screaming at the child and drudging every last transgression this kid has ever committed. You look at her and say: “Girl!”

Or, you’re at a restaurant. It’s a sports bar. You’re kind of dressy casual. A woman walks in with her kids in tow. She’s trying hard to look younger. She’s working the 4 inch heels and wearing a completely inappropriate Hooters’ t-shirt. You eye her apparel and just say: “Girl!”

Or, you stop in at your kid’s school before the school day starts. There’s a mom there who is convinced that her child is a bonafide genius. She’s cornered the teacher and is listing all the reasons why her kid should be treated differently than the other kids. You look at her and just say: “Girl!”

Or, you're waiting for the school play to begin. There's a mom who absolutely cannot stop "styling" her kid, who is obviously totally annoyed by it all. The mom's primping isn't even helping the kid look even better. You lean in and say: "Girl!"

Or, you’re at a kids’ soccer game. One of the other moms thinks she’s Mia Hamm. She’s coaching from the sidelines, even though she is NOT a coach. She’s yelling at her kid and the other kids on the team and trying to tell them where to go and what to do. You yell back at her: “Girl!”

So, would you do it? Would you call a mom who’s being a crappy mom for acting badly? I can’t help but wonder: Wouldn’t we all be better if we did? Have you ever "called" a mom for acting badly?