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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Totally Pimpin' and Shillin'

OK, so like many people, I started blogging because of my intense need to write...anything. It’s been very cathartic and has opened up a wealth of opportunities for me. Along the way, people who have read my blog have said: “Oh, you should write a book.” Except the thing is, I’m not a novelist. And that’s OK. But now I can say I know someone who is…and her first novel comes out on May 20th. (OK, truth be told, I don’t really know her, but she seems so sweet that I feel like I do!)

I don’t have a blogroll (I can’t figure out how…), but if I did, Jess Riley would be at the top of it. Her blog, Riley’s Ramblings is hilarious and often causes me to laugh hysterically. And now, she’s written a book, Driving Sideways, and it looks good…really good. You can read a chapter here.

So, head over to Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore or Target and pick up Driving Sideways on May 20th. Why? Because I said so, that’s why. You should always do what a mom tells you to do, right?

While I’m standing on my pimp box, I think you should visit this site…every day…for the next 40 days. There’s this kid. He’s in college. But he’s home for the summer. And when he’s not carrying giant containers of pool chemicals to people’s cars, he’s writing a musical. And you can get a front row seat to his theatrics. It could be horrible, it could be wonderful. Either way, you’re with him for the ride. Kinda cool, huh? What’s that you say? I’m shillin’ for my own chillun’? WhatEVS!

OK, I must stop now. Buy the book and visit the musical blog. You’ll thank me later.