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Monday, June 14, 2004

A View from the Top

Here I am, the first Monday of summer. This is when it all really begins. Now it feels like it's really summer. Thus far, it's not too least not at 7:00 am with a good coffee buzz going on. The skies are sunny and my darlings are sound asleep. I was trying to figure out why this summer feels less...gloomy. I think the answer lies in the fact that now that the kids are older, they are less apt to jump out of bed and immediately ask: "What are we doing today?" in that whiny, sing-song voice. I actually have time this summer to drink my coffee, read the paper, shower and generally wake up before being confronted with those nagging questions.

So then, what's the problem? Well, gosh, for so many years I've lived under this mock-stress level that I now need to adjust. It's almost, dare I say - boring. There, I just poked at the gods of summer. There goes any chance of good summer karma. Now it's all downhill.

Or maybe I need to look at this differently. Perhaps this is my test-run of summers once my kids are off in college and much less dependant upon me. Perhaps my agenda needs to be more action and less nagging. Maybe I need to...get a life. Ooh, that's too scary. Maybe I can just crawl back into bed until that thought passes.


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