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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Thou Doth Irritateth

Is part of being a mom and wife being able to piss people off to no end? I mean, doing it so often that you can't stop yourself? I'm pissing off my family a lot lately. It seems to have no bounds. And even when I try not to piss them off, I still manage to piss them off. The hard part is when I haven't even said anything and I've pissed them off.

How can I irritate thee?
Let me count the ways...
I irritate thee by calling attention to thy overgrown hair,
month after month, after month.
I question thy clothing choices,
even when thy is not a slave to fasion.
I comment on thy friends,
when true friends are rare and sweet.
I have no qualms about pointing out thy cleaning deficiencies,
when mine own faults lay strewn about.

Oh, this is getting old - and my Shakespeare is weak, weak, weak. Suffice it to say, I have this warped idea that if I don't nag or criticize, who will? And of course that would be the worst thing in the world, right?!

Someday I'll learn to hold my tongue, sit on my hands, just plain shut up. Someday I'll understand that I'm not making it better, I'm just using up oxygen. Someday I'll learn to just mind my own business. Geez, this is gonna be hard....


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