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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Grin Is In

When I was a young, romantic high-schooler, I always thought that seeing my husband or boyfriend smile would make me swoon. Well, of course it did. But here I am, in the lunchtime of my life (hey - if being a senior citizen is the sunset years, then wouldn't 43 be lunchtime?) and the thing that most melts my heart is when my children smile. It's the thing that we mothers work toward. (Ouch, dangling preposition.) It's what makes our efforts worthwhile. Yeah, sure, we want to see them go to college, be successful, make grandbabies (after they're happily married PLEASE!)....but there's nothing that makes our day more than a smile from our kids. I don't mean the "Gee thanks for making brownies smile." I mean the smile you get when you're doing regular things around the house and somebody says something funny and they grin from ear to ear. There's no meanness in this special smile. It's just pure and endearing and reminds me why I love them so. It counteracts the "Gee Mom you're an idiot" sneer and is an antidote to the "Gee Mom I hate you but I need my allowance" eye roll. This is what kids don't get - the small things they do mean the most. They hurt the most and they mend the most and they touch our hearts the most. We don't need diamonds for mother's day (OK, do NOT tell my husband I said that). Just a simple gesture like a handmade card with an ORIGINAL note or poem in it is better than any gem. Or here's one - how 'bout a hug once a year?!

Perhaps my kids are way less demonstrative than yours. They didn't used to be that way. They used to hug me and hang on me till I was sore. Unfortunately, at that time I wished for a little space. As they say, be careful what you ask for....


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