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Saturday, June 19, 2004


I’ve tried to be patient. I’ve tried to be kind. I’ve tried to remember what it was like when I was in that time of my life. After all, it was only 8-10 years ago, but it seems like a lifetime. Still, I feel the same. Something must be done. Baby strollers and mothers have gotten out of hand.

When my children were babies, our stroller was average size. Sure I loaded it up with lots of unnecessary junk (would I really need to change them 4 times in an afternoon?) and hung a diaper bag on it that was so heavy it outweighed the baby. Nevertheless, we’d head to the mall on a weekend and people could actually pass us in the food court or even the mall corridors.

Have you seen strollers lately? These things are freakin’ SUVs with toddlers in them! The tires are larger than my first Schwinn. There are more cupholders on them than my minivan. What is up with the double-wides and the jogging strollers?! Are these women expecting to do some off-road travel with their tot in tow? Darn it all….they’re hogging the aisles and slowing down my shopping expedition.

It would be fine if there were just a few of these in a metropolitan area. But everyone has one. They’re huge and they’re taking over a mall near you. And worst of all, they’re driven by moms that don’t have a clue that anyone else is around. You know these women. They’re the ones driving around town with a cell phone in one hand, a decaf latte in the other and passing out juice boxes while veering all over the road! Get these women in the mall with a stroller and a herd of toddlers and they think they own the place. One of her children has a meltdown? No problem…they just stop in the middle of the aisle while they sweetly plead with their little tyke. Can’t decide what to feed the kiddies for lunch at the food court? No problem….just park the stroller right in front of the busiest food establishment and discuss the options.

And here’s the best part….these moms travel in packs! That’s right, just when you think that one of these moms is annoying…..they get together with 4 or 5 of their friends and their friends’ kids. And they have that pack mentality. Their needs come way ahead of yours. Who cares if you’re on your lunch hour or have to pick up carpool in 15 minutes. Their babies are hungry and they need time and space to consider the choices! Never mind the fact that their five strollers are blocking any and all access to food or tables.

If you own and operate one of these strollers – great. I’m sure it’s fabulous and I hope you enjoy the early years because they go by quickly. But realize that there are other people around. Share the road and the aisles and we’ll all get along really well. I’ll even smile at your child and pick up that tippy cup that he threw at me.


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