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Friday, February 18, 2005

Party On, Satan's Spawn

Along the long road that is motherhood, we make mistakes, we say the wrong things, we say the right things, we forget things, we remember things, we laugh, we cry, we love...we are mothers. And then sometimes we make decisions that make us look back and say, "Hmmm...WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!"

Tonight is the result of one such lapse in good judgement. As I recently mentioned, my daughter just turned 13 and since her birthday is on February 13th, this is her Golden Birthday. It only comes around once so I was agreeable to a bit of fanfare and tell her that perhaps a party would be OK. The next thing I know, she and her friend decide to co-host a party and (here it comes)...INVITE THE ENTIRE 7TH GRADE. There will be 38 seventh graders in a rented room with me, a dear friend and the other mom. Again...WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?

I can see it now as it unfolds, much like a traffic accident. They come, they eat, they gossip and say mean things about each other (they haven't learned about karma), they look bored, they scream a lot (why do girls do this?) and then finally the good part - they leave. On my list of things that I look forward to doing, this ranks right between teeth cleaning and a gynecological exam.

There are two things that most worry me about tonight: keeping them entertained and making sure that they don't try to sneak out before the party is over. (Rumor has it that this happened at the last big party.) I've been a Girl Scout Leader to these girls. I know what evil they are capable of. Satan's Spawn would be a kind moniker for this group.

And yet, the show must go on. I will wear a cheerful face and will be prepared to handle whatever comes my way. I will make this the best damn party in the 7th grade. Because I am a masochist? No, because I am a mother. This is what I do.


At 11:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, it wasn't so bad. They screamed (why do girls do that?) and they danced. Even the boys danced...when I was that age, boys had cooties and we never danced with them! All in all, they behaved, they're kids and did silly things, but that's the joy of being a kid. And, for one brief, fleeting moment, I wished that I had kids. But, it passed. I'll just borrow yours!


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