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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Vacation Ruminations

Phew! Made it through the Christmas season, a.k.a. the seasonal landmine in a mother's life. One minute you're the best ever, the next you're the worst. "Thanks for gift certificate, now can you take me to the mall NOW so I can spend it? And can we pick up 6 of my friends on the way? And can you pick us up when we're done and then can they all come over and can we have pizza? What do you mean we can't because you have a doctor's appointment?! Geez, you're so mean! I never get to do anything!" Maternal hatred is a schizophrenic thing, which is perhaps good because my expectations never get that high. It's taking years, but I'm learning that no good deed goes unappreciated. I take my invaded time and try to make it special or fun, often escaping the notice of every child living in my house. It's a crappy job, but somebody's gotta do it. Oh, pick me! Pick me!

Although I still have one at home on break, it's the quiet one, the less mercurial one. Nevertheless, I still don't get to relax completely and reclaim my domain. Thursday, that's my day, my time. When 7:30 am rolls around and I can sit down, put my feet up and feast on my proverbial bon bons. Or I can pick up around the house and know that it'll stay picked up until at least 3:00 pm. Life is good.

Now the downside...only 6 more months till summer vacation.


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A square is a rhombus since it is a quadrilateral with all sides equal.


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