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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Melancholy Baby

Last night we went to dinner together - the four of us - and had a blast. Really. We laughed and poked fun at each other, but nobody was crying or whining. It was just really fun. I loved it and it made me a little sad. Next year our son leaves for college and we won't have so many of those dinners. Little by little he's slipping away. I know this is good and it's what I hope and pray for, but still, I hope it goes slowly. Next year at this time I'll be sitting here hoping to hear from him. Thank heavens for e-mail. Since today's college students all have high-speed internet access, I can leave lots of e-mail messages for him and he can chose to respond - I think he will - he seems to be a good writer, but not a good phone person. He gets that from me. I'm much more of a passive communicator. I feel much more comfortable writing than speaking which is why I hate cocktail parties.

Anyway, I'm feeling sort of melancholy. Tonight we go to his high school and they'll freak us out about how we're already way behind in the college application process. I must try and not take the bait. I know we'll get it done and he'll find a college and hopefully he'll like it. If he doesn't, he can do what I did - transfer. It's not the end of the world. We'll all get through this, somehow.


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