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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Daddy's Little Girl

My kids have always flocked to me more than my husband. When they were babies, he just wanted to hold them while they slept. They just wanted to wriggle free and then glom onto me. I've noticed that happening less and less as I'm around more and more. My daughter, especially, was never a "daddy's little girl." She and my husband could never really see eye to eye. Last night, I think they finally found common ground. She wanted to see a movie - one that I was too chicken to see. I was perfectly happy sitting at home alone reading my book. So I suggested that she and my husband go to the movie - they both wanted to see it - I didn't. They loved it - I loved it. Perhaps they can now bridge that gap that's been between them. No, he'll never want to sit through The Princess Diaries II, but perhaps they can begin to establish that ever-important father-daughter relationship in their own unique way. This is a good thing.


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