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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Good Ole Fashioned Motherly Guilt

I guess I take this motherhood job pretty seriously. Why else would I feel guilty when I cannot cook? Our kitchen is being remodeled and we do not have a stove. We do have a grill, which is fine, but the idea of the "other" food preparation being in the living room or basement just really grosses me out. I can't get past it and so, I've only "cooked" one meal which consisted of burgers on the grill and purchased potato salad. But I haven't even tried since then. Nobody has really complained, but I'm still feeling really guilty. Like I should muster up every creative idea and whip up something fantastic and healthy. I guess I'm thinking that the end is in sight, but in reality, it'll be another month. How fat and unhealthy could we get by then? Hmmm......


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