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Friday, August 19, 2005

Phone Scraps

This is nuts. We dropped off our son 4 days ago at college. Here I am with only one teenager in our house (loaded with enough hormones to fill 3 bodies) and what do I do? Do I go to a spa and get a mani and a pedi and pamper myself? Do I read a great book I've been dying to read? No. I'm walking around carrying two phones - constantly. One is the regular house phone, in case someone calls, and the other is my cell phone, which my son will call me on because we can talk to each other free. (Thank you, Verizon.) This must stop....soon.

It's just that I'm craving information from him. I know that he's generally doing well and seems to be adjusting, but I want to hear the stories. The things that he used to tell me when he'd come back from hangin' with friends. The funny anecdotes about the new people he's meeting every day and the new experiences he's having. I get a little of that, but I really wish I could hear more.

Now I remember coming home from college and seeing my parents staring at me like puppies waiting for table scraps and me just biding my time till I could get out and be with my friends. Now I get it.

On the upside, at least I'm not calling him constantly. I vowed to back off and let him do this...without me intervening.

So, I'm sure that eventually I'll put the cell phone back in my purse and risk missing a call or two. For now, it's the little crutch I'll use to get my own table scraps.


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