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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I give up. I should have given up long ago, if I was really paying attention. But like our eternally loyal dog, I'll just never stop trying. Until today.

Yesterday, as I was supporting the local economy at Target, I spotted a rack in the front of the junior department. There were what I thought were adorable peasant skirts and they were front and center...guaranteed cute, right? Something my 13-year old daughter would love, right? They're cheap so I'll pick one up and she'll thank me, right? WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. Before it was halfway out of the bag, her sneer began. Then there was that humiliating chuckle she gave when I asked: "You don't like it, do you?"



At 12:26 PM , Anonymous Jill said...

When will you learn??? SEriously, I was at Kohls yesterday and thought,stupidly at first, I would pick up a tshirt for Bridget. There was this voice in my head that told me NO DON'T because she won't like it!! Thank heaven I listened, because when I later explained it to her, she said she probably would NOT have liked it!

Go figure....


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