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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Letting Go

Yesterday, we went with our son to the university that he wants to attend. On the one hand, it reinforced our belief that this is a good choice of school for him. On the other hand, because he wants to be in the school of music, he must audition and the requirements are more difficult than we originally believed.

Suddenly, we're all nervous, although nobody is saying that. Nobody wants to say anything negative that might discourage him, but the question is: Can he do it?

I guess we have to leave it in God's and my son's hands. If my son wants it badly enough and if it's in God's plans, then it will happen. It will take a lot of work that only my son can do. Accepting this would seem to make things easier, but I'm sure this won't stop my worrying.

Wow, this is hard.


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