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Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Sixth Sense

You know how it is sometimes? As a mother you just have this sense that something is bothering one of your children. I sense this with my son. He's quiet. I don't know why. I keep asking if it's girlfriend, school, cross-country? All of the above? He keeps saying it's nothing, but I know. I'm relentless when I sense this - I'll keep digging and asking till I know he's OK. I do think part of it is him not finishing/doing his college apps. Look, I know this is a pain in the ass, but I do think he'd feel better if he got it over with. How can I convince him of this? These are those vague moments that are, in some ways, more difficult than sleep deprivation when he was a toddler. At least that was clear. This is just so....silent.


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