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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Laughing Mom, Hidden Humor

Moms, I'll try and break it to you gently, but really, there's no easy way to say it. We're being made fun of. We're are the "insult de jour." That's right, Mom Jokes are back.

Do you remember when the worst thing you could say to someone was: "Your mother wears combat boots"? Or, more recently, locker room jokes about what someone did to "your mamma"? Well, my teenage son just informed me that the newest comeback is to take something that someone says, repeat it back to them and replace the noun with "Your mom..." For instance, kids are having a conversation about the length of classes. One says to the other: "How long is that period?" The appropriate response is: "How long is your mom's period?!" Hilarity ensues.

This mode of humor was recently highlighted in the cult hit movie "Napoleon Dynamite." Kip says to his brother Napoleon: "Your mom goes to college." My daughter has been walking around the house repeating this line and last night I explained to her that it wasn't funny. That's when my son explained to me why it sort of was.

On the one hand, I'm offended. I asked my kids why dads can't be the subject matter. Apparently that's just not as funny. But then when I thought about it, I'd rather be laughed at and understand it, than have no clue why I'm being laughed at, right?

I was thinking that perhaps we moms should band together and come up with a similar type of joke about our kids. It probably wouldn't work, because mothers have this maternal instinct that's so strong that the urge to defend our offspring is just...unstoppable.

Still, just once, wouldn't you love it if when a mom walks up to you and says: "Yesterday, I spent all day cleaning the house", you'd respond "Your kid spent all day cleaning the house!" You'd be doubled over in laughter, wouldn't you? I mean, c'mon! The thought of a kid actually doing something worthwhile like cleaning? It's freakin' hilarious, don't you think? Or, how about: "Your kid was up late last night paying bills." Brilliant! Because it's unthinkable. A kid paying bills? Yeah, right! It would be like our inside joke.

I know, this won't exactly be on Comedy Central in the near future. But why not fight a little fire with fire? And if you think about it, what's the one sure way to kill a kid's enthusiasm for something? Participate in it! Heck, it works with clothes. If I grab my daughter's jacket and wear it in public, she'll never wear it again. It's like I have cooties. I'm sure the same theory would apply to jokes. If I suddenly latch onto the mom-joke craze, I guarantee it will die a quick and merciful death.

C'mon ladies, get on board! It'll be fun and it'll be our little joke. "Your kid'll be our little joke!" SEE!


At 9:48 AM , Anonymous Tricia said...

My son has been big on the "your mom" thing and it drives me batty. And naturally he thinks it is the funniest thing going.

At 10:25 PM , Blogger Ro - said...

Hi there. Found you thru blog explosion and thought I would say hi.

When you figure out a 'kid joke' pass it on to me because my kids are only 8, 7 and 5 and already pulling the mom jokes out. Ugh!




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